This review is overdue but that says all the more since it’s hair we’re talking about! I called on a whim over a month ago and was pleasantly surprised to be booked for an appointment shortly later on the same day. I don’t know know why but I’m someone who tends to procrastinate on my hair for weeks, and then once I make the decision to go get a cut I end up feeling all antsy and impatient. So the immediate gratification of getting in was an instant win in my book.

I arrived to my appointment with Alyssa and immediately felt taken care of. Lo and behold this impatient and negligent customer (me) threw in a tone color and was patiently humored with all of my indecisive suggestions, questions, and “what do you think of this…” verbiage. Alyssa is a whiz with cutting hair and her passion and expertise was definitely appreciated! She is super friendly and fun to hang out with in the chair as well. Even over a month later, my hair is growing out nicely, which is a true testament to a great haircut. Thanks Alyssa — I’ll be back, sooner than later next time I promise!!

I went to Samantha R. and she is AMAZING!

My hair:
Curly, Fine strands but a very thick amount of hair, dark blonde, Middle of my back, Caucasian/European ancestry.

to give you some backstory:
I decided that I wanted to lighten my hair on my own because Sam (Samantha) was booked solid. I had brown and red in my hair. I found out that putting super intensely over-powered bleach on to my hair will turn brown and red into neon yellow and neon orange. I also missed a few spots of brown so by the time I was done with myself I looked like some sort of trailer park cheetah.

I was meeting my boyfriend of one and a half year’s mother a few days later.

I basically called Samantha and explained what was going on and what I had done to myself along with a picture for proof of emergency to Sam. She was able to Give me an appointment the day before his Mom arrived and I was so happy!

what Samantha did:
She did a Hand-painted Balayage (ball-ee-ahhj) with lots of definition. Basically I now have amazing hair with some high and lowlights and the balayage keeps it from turning out harsh. Samantha works miracles; especially if you point her in a direction and let her do her own thing in that direction. She has been doing my hair for over a decade and I will not let anyone else do my hair.

Maka is, by far, the blonde and extension MASTER. My hair has NEVER been this exquisite, and I’ve been to some of the top salons in LA. I hate to even say this, as I want to keep her all of myself, but I found her thru recommendations so it’s only fair…the salon is rad, plays good music and has lots of parking.

Adriana is an awesome hair stylist. I’ve been having my hair done by her for years now and never had an issue. She did my mom’s and sister’s hair and she did a great job. My mom and sister were so happy with the quality of perfection they got. The best thing I like about Adriana is that she is honest and would tell you if your hair would look the way you want or not before she starts. I highly recommend Adriana.

Jennifer Cancino is still my favorite hairdresser at De Cielo salon. A few weeks ago she did an amazing balayage hair color job. She put 4 colors to my hair: blue, pink, magenta and purple! It looked amazing and I got so many compliments on it! I’m ready for my next color appointment!

Sona really knows what she’s doing. Ive been to over 30 salons in my life, from Asia to South Africa and Los Angeles; but the way she made the hair color I wanted look so natural on me (and she got it spot on) was almost too good to be true, and me with my picky ass of course wanted the most difficult to achieve color which was an ashy gray tone blonde, I was super impressed as usually this color can turn out very anime-cartoon ish colored which is what I dreaded and ruined my hair health which some hairstylists without experience have done to me, she has over 25 years of experience in hairstyling so trust when I say you’re getting a VIP treatment and you’re in the best hands

Plus: The owner scheduled me very last minute on a Saturday the first time I ever came and they accommodated me so genuinely. The vibe is relaxing here and all positive. You feel so comfortable and unrushed here, they have magazines, free snacks and tea to kill time while you wait and they’re really not about profit and ripping their customers off the way other salons I’ve been to have. I also really enjoy their cool music selection they play that passes time while you wait for your hair to dye.

They were all so sweet and I’ll definitely be making this my regular salon. Not going to trust anyone else as my hair has been damaged way too many times in the hands of other stylists. This is my forever hair spot for sure.

I can’t say enough about the magic of stylist Jennifer Cancino and De Cielo Salon! I have difficult hair, dry and damaged, and I rarely have time to fuss with it, so I often tuck it away into a scrunchie. Little did I know how good it could look until Jennifer gave me fresh color with a warm toned ombre, and cut and styled it with her professional skills. I later looked in the mirror and saw myself with “great hair”! And the style is easy to maintain, which makes me happy during my busy mornings.

From the moment I walked in to De Cielo, I felt at home in this welcoming and beautifully decorated space. I was warmly greeted by professionals and felt welcome by the entire staff.

Can’t wait to go back!

Adriana did a color correction on my hair. I would love to show you the before and after but the before is THAT embarrassing! I had tried to fix previous color myself (what was I thinking!?) and my hair turned out bright orange. I wanted to go back to my natural ashy dark blond color. She was both honest and realistic with me. It was very refreshing. The best part is the amazing job she did! I went from an extremely unnatural orange, to very ashy light brown. She could have rushed due to timing, but she still muscled through my very thick hair and I am beyond happy. I can go to work with confidence again! Thanks a million Adriana!

After many times here for the first time I was helped by the super sweet and talented Alyssa! Normally it’s a little awkward the first time you meet new stylists, but my experience was the total opposite. Alyssa was super comforting, funny and attentive! During the entire process everything I said she took into complete consideration. She totally made me feel like we were a team trying to tackle my crazy purple hair request our conversations felt super natural and not like forced small talk which always makes long processes like these (3 hours) enjoyable! Alyssa really took the time to fulfill everything I asked for. I felt she really paid attention to detail while bleaching and dyeing my hair. SHE DID AN AMAZING JOB. The purple hair I imagined was fulfilled beyond my expectations. She did such an amazing job achieving the color I wanted. I recommend anyone who’s a soon to be first timer and regular to visit Alyssa because YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!